What is it?

It is a Microsoft Windows-based image review system for radiation therapy facilities.
Figure 1 shows the typical look of graphical user interface.
It shares the same database with PortalSim and DICOM/DICOM RT server. To improve the efficiency and quality of clinical practice, a comprehensive intercom module is included to provide voice communication, text-and-graph messaging and scheduling and so on.


Who needs it?

It is developed for a radiation therapy facility that is looking for a fast remote image review system to release radiation oncologists from laborious on-site image reviewing. The intercom functionality simplifies the communication between radiation oncologists and treatment delivery staff to merely a few button clicks.

How does it work?

The DICOM/DICOM RT server running on a server computer receives all kinds of DICOM objects including DICOM image, DICOM RT structure set, DICOM RT plan and DICOM RT image. The dedicate database manages the DICOM data and, administrative and clinical input as well. PortView is such a client application that interfaces the central database and clinical staff with different clinical duties (Figure 2).



Highlights of PortView

    • Fast. It was programmed in C++ from ground up with the latest technology.
    • Images are automatically registered.
    • Images can be compared in multiple patterns (Figure 3).
    • Built-in voice intercom with conference and text chat works better than telephone
    • Internal scored mailing system. In ascending order of urgency,
      they are scored in auto-replied, regular, high importance, urgent and pop-up

Work ordering, scheduling and administrative modules streamline the clinical practice in a more efficient way. Here is one example of calculating work orders for radiation oncologists, medical dosimetrists and therapists according to assigned clinical duties:

For a radiation oncologist, the work order would show up as long as one of the following orders is due,

  • There are images to review
  • There are mail messages to read
  • There is scheduled work to complete

For a medical dosimetrist, the work order would show up as long as one of the following orders is due,

  • There are new patients without DRR images
  • There are images without filed ID association
  • There are mail messages to read
  • There are scheduled work to complete

For a therapist, the condition for the work order shows up would like this,

  • There are rejected portal images to retake
  • There are mail messages to read
  • There is scheduled work to complete

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