ePin is a shareware for film dosimetry. It allows the user to insert virtual pin marks into the RTP generated dose map to facilitate image registration for patient-specific IMRT QA procedure. Sensitometry analysis, image format conversion and dosimetrical film calibration are also included in later versions.

It is a small program running on Microsoft Windows platforms. Basically, it puts virtual fiducial marks in planar dose map at corresponding points where the measuring film is supposedly pricked. Currently it supports PINNACLE®, FOCUS®, NOMOS®, HELAX®, ECLIPSE® and PLATO® RTP systems. It works well with RIT113® film dosimetry system. It also features a sensitometry QA module. Bit by bit more modules such as image format conversion, dosimetrical film calibration for both LINAC-based and TomoTherapy® IMRT QA were added. It is intended for research purposes only. You can download it and use it at your own risk. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by email Yulong.Yan@utsouthwestern.edu or phone (214)645 7636.

Happy pinning from the ePin team.

Download ePin

The latest version is 6.6. To download it, please click here. (new download available soon).

What’s New in 6.6 ?

  1. 16-bit TIFF images created from a flatbed scanner can be converted to RITV3 or
  2. Image data of individual color channel can be retracted and saved as
    TIFF image. It is useful for film dosimetry using Gafchromic film. To do so,
    select menu item “File” >> “Extract Channel”.
  3. New CMS Xio dose map is supported.

What’s New in 6.0 ?

  1. 48-bit TIFF image format, Epson film scanner image format for example,
    is supported.
  2. More image formats including 48-bit TIFF and 24-bit Truecolor can be
    converted to DICOM.
  3. A few minor bugs are fixed.

ePin user interface