Below you can find links to more information about some of our technology oriented projects.

  • ePin

A shareware for film dosimetry. It allows the user to insert virtual pin marks into the RTP generated dose map to facilitate image registration for patient-specific IMRT QA procedure. Sensitometry analysis, image format conversion and dosimetrical film calibration are also included in later versions.

An image review software system for radiation oncologists to compare, approve or reject portal images remotely. The administration and intercom modules are also included to streamline radiation therapy sessions so as to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical practice.

A dynamic treatment simulation system integrated with a conventional simulator for IMRT and IGRT. It converts your analog simulator into a digital fluoroscopic unit endowed with on-line image registration and realistic treatment rehearsal capabilities. It creates a filmless treatment simulation environment in a radiation therapy facility via DICOM / DICOM RT connection. It is patented. The patent number is 7,349,522.

iPump is image pumping utility exclusively developed for BrainLAB ExacTrac IGRT system and R&V system such as IMPAC and VARIS. It is in fact an interfacing application that bridges two currently imcompatible systems to allow remote image reviewing. It is patent pending.

ScreenBee is a screen capturing application for radiation therapy clinics where IGRT images on the screen need to be sent to record and verify (R&V) system via DICOM connection. It is fully compatible with DICOM RT standard. It is initially developed for Tomotherapy, but it should work for other systems too. It is copyrighted.

DICOMan is a Windows-based application to solve a wide variety of DICOM incompatibility problems to meet your immediate clinical needs. It provides the users with a universal viewer that displays DICOM image and RT objects; it has a DICOM pusher that moves local DICOM objects to remote systems; the built-in DICOM retriever finds and fetches specified DICOM objects from PACS or imaging modalities; the comprehensive editor validates the standard conformance, pin-point the problems if there were any, or simply edits the entry of any data element; it also equipped with a format converter that converts DICOM images into regular formats to facilitate research or education activities. Click it to find more useful features. It is in the process of copyrighting.

Development of a highly precise and conformal radiation therapy system for laboratory animals to facilitate translational research in radiation oncology and radiation sciences.