Xin ZhangAssociate Professor

Research Interests:

  • Dosimetric evaluations and comparisons between different radiation delivery technologies and evaluations of newly developed treatment techniques and TPS models
  • Evaluation new treatment device and techniques and explore new QA method for some QA applications such as large field size or small field size patient QA; QA verification for new image devices and using CBCT for prediction of patient treatment re-planning and MR image based plan QA method, etc.
  • Special Treatment procedure such as spatially fractionated radiation (GRID) using helical tomotherapy and VMAT linear accelerator, TBI treatment using helical tomotherapy and TomoDirect

Clinic Focus:

  • Treatment planning system: Varian Eclipse, Research Raystation, Helical Tomotherapy, Gamma Knife Perfexion and Oncentral HDR planning
  • New treatment Machine and treatment planning system acceptance and commissioning (Truebeam STx, Tomotherapy HDA, TPS (Eclipse,, RayStation, Helical Tomotherapy); patient and machine QAs including annual, monthly QA for TureBeam STx, Helical Tomotherapy, Gamma Knife, Nucletron HDR QA and patient QAs.
  • Developing new treatment and planning procedures including: Special treatment procedure such as GRID treatment, TBI; Newly developed clinical application procedures: Fallback planning using RayStation, 3D-CRT planning using MCO optimization for hippocampal avoidance whole brain radiotherapy; robust optimization lung treatment plans.

Education/Training :

  • Medical Physics Resident, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Department of Nuclear and Radiology Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Radiology


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