The Department of Radiation Oncology of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is the leading provider of radiation therapy services to the State of Arkansas.

An integral part of the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute’s multi-disciplinary approach to cancer treatment, the department is housed in a state-of-the art facility at the UAMS campus. The department services not only the UAMS Medical Center, but also the Arkansas Childrens Hospital and John L. McClellan Memorial Veterans Hospital.

The department is outfitted with cutting edge technology which includes state-of-the art linear accelerators, ACCURAY Tomotherapy HDA, Respiratory Gated Radiation Therapy, 4D CT and tomographic models, TRUS-Guided Real-Time Prostate Brachytherapy, MammoSite Breast Brachytherapy, Expansion of LDR brachytherapy program to include interstitial implants of various tumor sites. Intensity Modulation Radiation Therapy was first introduced in the state of Arkansas by our faculty. Our faculty, in collaboration with the UAMS Department of Neurosurgery, operate the Gamma Knife Center where high precision Radiosurgery is used to treat brain tumors.

The Department of Radiation Oncology has a very active clinical, teaching, and research program. Our cutting edge technology, combined with our research efforts and in house development has allowed us to provide aggressive and innovative treatment options to our patients. Our training programs include a residency in Medical Physics, which enables us to train new scientists to the latest and most modern techniques in the fight against cancer.