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2001 – 2006             Doctor of Philosophy in nuclear and radiology engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology,


 1999-2001               Master of Sciences in Radiological Health Science, ColoradoStateUniversity, Fort Collins,Colorado

 1994 – 1996             Master of Science in Microdosimetry, Institute of Radiation Medicine, Beijing, China

 1986 – 1990             Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Technology, Hengyang Engineering College, Hunan, China 

Postdoctoral Training

2006 – 2008             Medical Physics Resident, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas

 Academic Appointments

 2010 – Present         Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas

2011-2015       Director of Medical Dosimetry Program,  Assistant Professor,  College of Health Related Professions,  University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas

2008 – 2010            Instructor, Department of Radiation Oncology, College of Medicine, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas

2009 – 2015        Instructor, College of Health Related Professions, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences,   Little Rock, Arkansas 

Other Professional Appointments and Positions

2001 – 2006             Health Physics Assistant, Office of Radiological Safety, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta,Georgia

 2001 – 2006              Research Assistant, Department of Nuclear & Radiological Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia 


Clinical Research 

2011-present            Application of OSL dosimetry in Linac and Helical Tomotherapy patient QA

2010-present            Limitation for small field size QA using difference dosimetry tools 

2010-present            Gafchromic calibration using red channel scanner 

2009-2010               Small field dosimetry for SRS/SRT Using Cones with BrainLAB Iplan and the QA Lucy Phantom

2009-2010               Dose Verification for Total Marrow Irradiation Using Helical Tomotherapy Planned Adaptive     

2009-2010               Quality Assurance for Total Marrow Irradiation Using HelicalTomotherapy

2008-2009              Dosimetric Comparison of Linac-IMRT and Helical Tomotherapy for Head and Neck  Cancer

Clinical Activity

2006-current            Monthly and annual quality assurance (QA) for medical linear accelerators (LINACs); monthly and annual QA for Tomotherapy unit; monthly and annual QA for GammaKnife; monthly CT/Simulator machine QA; patient-specific Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) QA in LINAC and Helical Tomotherapy (HT); Traditional radiation treatment planning and IMRT radiation treatment planning using Pinnacle; LDR and HDR treatment planning; delivery and QA procedures using Brachyvision; Brainlab SRS and SRT with m3 micro-multileaf collimator and treatment planning using BrainLab Iplan; Weekly chart checking.

 Teaching  Activity

2001-2015           Instructor, Medical Dosimetry Physics,   University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences               

 2011-2015           Instructor,  Clinical Orientation for Medical Dosimetry

 Professional Training

2008                               BrainLAB iPlan 3.x to 4.x Introductory Training Course, Chicago, IL.

2009                              Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion Training Course, Little Rock, AR.

2010 to 2012            Teaching Scholar (two years program), UAMS office of Educational Development

2010                               Oncentra treatment planning course, Nucletron, CARTI SVI,Little Rock,AR

2011                        Jossey-Bass professional development series for department chairs, CHRP, UAMS, Little Rock, AR

 Professional Licensure and Board Certification

2011                      American Board of Radiology


2007                                            CARTI/UAMS’s particle accelerator license as a Qualified Expert and HDR radioactive material license as an Authorized Medical Physicist by Arkansas Department of Health

2008                                            Authorized Medical Physicist for Performing Gamma Knife Perfexion in UAMS

 Professional Society Memberships and Activities

2006-present      Americian Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)

2011-present      American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) 

Meeting Abstract

 Zhang X , Penagaricano J, Moros EG, Corry PM, Ivy A, Yan Y, Ratanatharathorn V; Dosimetric comparison of linac-IMRT and helical Tomotherapy for head and neck cancer. Med Phys, AAPM annual meeting;Minneapolis,Minnesota, Vol. 34, No. 6, Jun 2007. p. 2593. 

Zhang X , Penagaricano J, Boyd K, Yan Y, Corry P, Ratanatharathorn V, Moros E; Dose verification for total marrow irradiation using HELICAL TOMOTHERAPY planned adaptive. AAPM annual meeting; July 27-30, 2009;Anaheim, CA. Jun 2009. p. 2568. (Med Phys ). 

Yan Y, Dou Y, Penagaricano J, Ratanatharathorn V, Gardner K, Moros E, Corry P, Zhang X , Chao M; Dose summation technology for radiation therapy facilities equipped with heterogeneous planning and delivery systems. AAPM annual meeting; July 27-30, 2009;Anaheim, CA. Jun 2009. p. 2664. (Med Phys ). 

Xin Zhang, Ph.D., Calos Velasco, Ph.D, Yulong Yan, Ph.D., Peter M Corry, Ph.D, Vaneerat Ratanatharathorn, M.D. and Eduardo G Moros, Ph.D. Quality Assurance for small SRS photon field using LUCY phantom on BrainLab iplan. Medical Physics AAPM Annual Meeting ,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, Vol 37, No 6, p 3253, June 2010. 

Yiping Dou, Ph.D., Yulong Yan, Ph.D, Calos, Velasco, Ph.D, Xin Zhang, Ph.D., Ming Chao, Ph.D, Eun young, Han, Ph.D., Eduardo G Moros, Ph.D. A digital QA soultuion using 2D ion chamber array. Medical Physics AAPM Annual Meeting ,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, Vol 37, No 6, p 3254, June 2010. 

Eunyoung Han, Ph.D., Xin Zhang, Ph.D, Calos, Velasco, Ph.D, Eduardo G Moros. The impact of Linac static jaw setting on dose output from small field SRS/SRT using an add-on micro-multileaf collimator. Medical Physics AAPM Annual Meeting ,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania, Vol 37, No 6, p 3310, June 2010.

 Y Yan, J Penagaricano, P Corry, E Moros, K Gardner, EY Han, X Zhang, M Chao, Robert J. Griffin, V Ratanatharathorn. Spatially fractionated radiation therapy (GRID) using a TomoTherapy Unit.  Medical Physics AAPM Annual Meeting,Vancouver,BC. Vol38, No 6, P3369, June 2011. 

X Zhang, Y Yan,S Sharma, P Corry, V Ratanatharathorn, E Moros. A dosimetric Study of Gafachromic EBT2 film for small field size stereotactiv radiosurgery QA. Medical Physics AAPM annual meeting,Vancouver,BC. Vol 38, No. 6, p3612. June 2011. 

Journal Articles 

Han EY, Zhang X, Yan Y, Sharma S, Penagaricano J, Moros EG, and Corry PM.Static jaw collimation settings to minimize radiation dose to normal brain tissue during stereotactic radiosurgery. Med Dosim. In print 

Zhang X, Penagaricano J, Moros EG, Corry PM, Yan Y, Ratanatharathorn V.  Dosimetric comparison of Helical Tomotherapy and Linac-IMRT treatment plans for head and neck cancer patients.  Med Dosim, Vol 35 No.4, pp 264-268, 2010 

Wang C-K, Zhang X , Gifford I, Burgett E, Adams V, Al-Sheikhley M; Experimental validation of the new nanodosimetry-based cell survival model for mixed neutron and gamma-ray irradiations. Phys Med Biol 2007 52 N367-N374. 

Wang C-K, Zhang X ; A nanodosimetry-based linear–quadratic model of cell survival for mixed-LET radiation. Phys Med Biol 2006 51 6087-6098. 

Burgett E, Wang C, Zhang X , Al-Sheikhly M, Adams V, Gifford I; A high LET neutron irradiation facility for biological samples at the MUTR . Trans. American Nuclear Society 2006 94 535-536. 

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