Clinical And Training Programs

External beam therapy

At UAMS, radiation treatments are delivered using photon and electron beams produced by two state-of-the art linear accelerators. The beams are shaped to conformally treat the tumor while minimizing the dose to critical organs. Intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT), including tomotherapy, is used at  UAMS along with multi-modality (CT and MRI guided) planning. Those tools allow us to optimize the treatment design and to improve on treatment outcome. UAMS was the first to offer IMRT in Arkansas.

Figure: IMRT treatment for a neck tumor.


In brachytherapy, the radiation originates inside the body. It uses gamma ray-generating radioactive isotopes like cesium-137 or iridium-192, placed in small tubes and implanted into the tumor. The patient stays in the hospital for a few days or can be immediately discharged, depending on the isotope used. This form of therapy is especially useful for tumors where very high and localized radiation is needed to eliminate the cancer cells. Brachytherapy has been used for a variety of tumor types and sites.

 Training Programs

 Medical Physics Residency

A two year medical physics residency is offered through the Department of Radiation Oncology. The goal of this program is to train medical physicists in the clinical aspects of medical physics practice in radiation oncology.